The Tsai-ko Group Cartoon (caricature)
Louise Ogata

              and Louise Ogata

The Tsai-ko group caricature and layout was envisioned by SteveM in late March/early April 2007.

Drawn by artist Louise Ogata.
Photo at right with Robert Kekaula at Blog Party 3 on July 26, 2007.

cartoon 2

Draft 2
final draft

Final: Tsai-kos 2007
Draft 2 Contest Guesses

Comment from: SteveM [Visitor]
OK, time to bring closure on Tsai-ko Cartoon Draft 2 contest. BTW, Faye Wai came to our table and made me name all the characters on Draft 3 at the blog party ;-)

RATIONALE OF ANSWERS:  In explaining Draft 2 answers, one has to consider the time frame in which it was envisioned: late March and coming off the high of Blog Bash 2, a couple of Tsai-ko buffet lunches, and months of fun. So, the persona used to describe the cartoon characters to Louise were the ones inspired from 5 months of lurking and 3 months of camaraderie. Many others have appeared since then and I can easily relate them to caricatures in Draft 3...but in the era of Draft 2... the caricatures have a slight, passing resemblance as follows:
  1.  Da Punchbowl Kid
  2.  Jason
  3. Al & Annoddah Dave
  4.  gigi-hawaii
  5.  Garret OR [secret] (Ph.Ds)
  6. las vegas
  7. RK & prideperiod
  8. Bulla
  9. Addahknowjoe
  10. SteveM OR Ted Domay (was supposed to be Ted or James but got morphed into me)
  11. GENERIC mysterious character representing the majority of unseen posters and lurkers. Foremost at the time were Guava, mctruck, and brew808.
  12. Long Time UH Fan
  13. Wreckineyez
  14. Cat

The "Bonafide Tsai-kos"

All Blog Party 1:  Al, Addaknowjoe, Addahknowsports, Annoddah Dave, Bulla, Cat, Da Punchbowl Kid, Darren, gigi-hawaii, James, Jason,  Princess Leila, RK, ST, WreckinEyez.

Cattle Calls Founders and Tsai-ko Caricature:  A-House, brew808, FloridaTed, Garret, Jim Donovan, kinda shy, las vegas, Long Time UH Fan, mctruck, Peaches, prideperiod, Ralph, Rich2176, Ronnie, SteveM, Tom Mui, WarriorMojo, 702WarriorFan.

Blog Enhancement and Leadership:  Bighilofan2, BG, d1shima, duffer, homey, jm2375, jojo, Kazz, Kekoa, LizKauai, Mei Ling, midori7, Rob25, SailorBlue, sj-macro & myki, Stretch, UHfan808, wafan, whitey

spouses are included
Final:  Tsai-kos 2007 (August 13, 2007)

Relating the final draft to the Tsai-kos today is difficult-- there are at least 500 known posters and I haven't met most of them.  But the current ones that I know or imagine to appear are listed below. 

Only you know where you might fit...
  1. Da Punchbowl Kid, Hawaiianbod, Pomai
  2. Jason, truegreen, homey, Kazz, J-Dog,  Mike
  3. Al, Annoddah Dave, WarriorMojo, Ralph, whitey, madeinhawaii, Spike
  4. gigi-hawaii, Ronnie, JaM, J, jojo, juju, Liane, Stacyj, JameE, Tracy
  5. Garret, Darren, A-House, Rokko, Bruddah Yokes, Gringuy, NYUH
  6. las vegas
  7. RK, prideperiod
  8. bulla, mctruck, wafan
  9. Addahknowjoe, Mr. gigi, Barry Markowitz, Kapahulu, Diesel, Calvin from Kona
  10. SteveM, ted domay, Tom Mui, Stretch, NYWF
  11. (mostly everyone), Guava, Keahi, lava, brew808
  12. (mostly everyone), Long Time UH Fan, Kama,  nevarainsinewaplains, RedZone,
  13. WreckinEyez, Jim D., HAWNSTLN, Brett
  14. Cat
6a. (lady in second row)
PIAA DS, Tracy D., Beowulf213, Peaches,
Princess Leila, Queen Faye, LizKauai

12a. (addition to final draft)
James, 702WarriorNation, Maverick, 99Club, BG in Mililani, Kailuaboy, Warrior Dave

View & save Tsai-ko group caricature (Final)) @150 dpi:  Click here

Louise Ogata

Why is there a moon (specifically, a full moon) above ST in the drawing?

SteveM:  Besides the psychological implications of the full moon, as one who fancies a nautical background, I see the blog as analogous to a ship, with ST as her captain...when the full moon rose as her battle ensign.

But being a blog, The Warrior Beat ship is comprised of people.  Entering April 2007, the great ship was severely damaged and embattled after a fantastic and unprecedented voyage from December to March.

There were numerous and serious casualties--the Fat Piranha was slowly healing from the wounds inflicted by visiting back-biters. The Social Director was hurt and missing along with many others.  Some were mostly silent now, including myself.  Below deck, Bos'n Al was trying to keep everybody aboard. Worse, ST had orders from above to steer a course that would eventually beach his ship.  He tried to find ways to follow the orders yet save the crew that brought him this far. He zig-zagged the ship and offered the "9:00 PM rule".

Then one day, supposedly under medication, ST stayed and chatted with his crew almost all day.  It was decision time. At the end of that day, I cheered in anticipation of the course ST was going to steer.  The joke and bantering on that afternoon involved a full moon--and it became more than symbolic that day.  The full moon rose that afternoon (with a push from the mighty prideperiod) -- ST showed it to his superiors, reaffirmed his 5 F's,  set course to recover and heal the old crew, and started repairs to his ship-of-the-line blog.

So a mere blog survived to evolve into a nationwide "community center", and to those who would complain about it...or think it shouldn't be what it is... well, they should look closely at the blog battle ensign in the cartoon...and realize it is shining on them.*

A toast:  "To The Warrior Beat may its colors never be struck!"

From Wikipedia...

Battle Ensign

A battle ensign is the name given to a large war flag which is flown on a warship's mast just before going into battle.

The flag identified the allegiance of the ship in what could be a very confusing situation
... It was commonly accepted that so long as a ship flew its ensign it was an active participant in battle. If a ship surrendered then it would take down its ensigns (which was known as striking the colors)

The battle ensign was seen as an important element for the morale of the crew and was held in high regard. If a warship was sinking and had to be abandoned, flags such as the battle ensigns would be taken off the ship before it sank and were entrusted to the senior (surviving) officer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

9:00 PM (2100) Rule:  4/08/2007 @1531: 
ST: "So here's my new, new, new rule: Free talk between 9 p.m. and the next day's post, as long as we abide by the no-name-calling, no-asking-anyone-to-be-fired rules.


The 5F's for the blog:  (February 11, 2007)


 * If all this is too subtle, click here (poor taste warning...)

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