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Tsai-ko Hall of Fame
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Rich2176 w/game tickets
Rich2176 and Mrs. A-House


Flew to Las Vegas in 2007, 2009, and 2011 to purchase blocks of UH-UNLV game tickets for the Tsai-kos.  Purchased with own money and distributed to the Tsai-kos for reimbursement at cost.

Major influence in gathering Tsai-kos as a group in Las Vegas with rasu begasu.

In 2012, Tom, a Hawaii expat residing in the San Francisco bay area, started to obtain road game tickets for Tsai-kos and the family/friends of players (past and present).

He now negotiates blocks of seats from the stadiums for most road games and purchases them with his own money.  He distributes them at cost plus a small postage and handling fee.

"las vegas" / rasu begasu 

                      Collins/rasu begasu

John R. Collins, Sr.
December 24, 1959 – December 5, 2011

Former sumotori, the blog showman and "father" of Tsai-ko karaoke. 

He arranged  buffet Tailgate restaurants, buses and dinner/karaoke call in Las Vegas, Nevada for UH road games.  Met and dined with all Tsai-kos who contacted him in Las Vegas.

Tsaiko-Vegas 2007, 2009, and 2011:
     Click here to view.

Feb 2008 – The First Tsai-ko Karaoke Call:  Click here to view.

Feb 2009 –1st Anniversary Tsai-ko Karaoke Call:      Click here to view all.
Sep 2010 – 2nd Anniversary Tsai-ko Karaoke Call: 
Apr 2011 – 3rd Anniversary Tsai-ko Karaoke Call: 

a.k.a  A-Joe 

A-Joe and ST

Addahknowjoe is responsible for "branding" the Tsai-kos, and aiding in the production of Tsai-ko items  (such as the Tsai-ko placard, tee-shirts, stickers, glassware, banner, jars, pendants, etc.)

He designed and produced the Warrior Beat Tsai-ko placard (shown at right) and distributing them at the 2007 UH-UNLV game where it was seen on national television.

Tsai-ko signs

photo of LK

Professional photographer and acquaintance of Addahknowjoe, LK produced and contributed Tsai-ko name tags since 2007.

His name tags identified the Tsai-kos who attended cattle calls, karaoke calls and road games.  They are highly sought after and still worn at events today.TSai-ko name                  tag
Tom Mui   a.k.a  Tom

Retired attorney and judge, Tom Mui copyrighted the Tsai-ko trademark and designs on the behalf of Addahknowjoe and Stephen Tsai.  There was an outside attempt to usurp the Tsai-ko name at the time.

One of the first Tsai-ko Cattle Call attendees and the most extensive traveller of the Tsai-ko cruisers.

His assistance and efforts have greatly benefited the UH Athletic programs.

(in Mililani) & Kazz (Kevin)

BG and Kazz (Kevin) Kazz (Kevin) & BG on right

Mr. & Mrs. SailorBlue

Mr. and Mrs. SailorBlue

In early 2007, BG suggested the Tsai-kos tailgate at Richardson Field.   Being in the military, he reserved Pavillion 6 for the entire season.  He continued to make reservations the next year, and failed to tell us there was a substantial reservation fee he covered.

Kazz (Kevin) volunteered to assist BG in coordinating the tailgates, menu, and ensuring new Tsai-kos received entry info.  He was the main contact for all visitors and Tsai-kos, new and old,  for several years.

Mr. & Mrs. SailorBlue have now taken on the chore of making reservations for a Richardson Field marina Cabana for the Tsai-ko tailgates.

James a.k.a (Jesse)James(Jesse)James

James, working with Addahknowjoe and Da Punchbowl Kid, designed and ordered black Tsai-ko t-shirts in 2008.  The Manoa Poi Company design on the back was by Da Punchbowl Kid.

James paid for the order and donated all proceeds to the UH football program.

  Back of 2008 Tsai-ko t-shirt


                      with ST and PowderPuff
ST, Stretch, and PowderPuff

Known as the "banker" of the Tsai-kos, Stretch has made arrangements and put down any large required deposits for major Tsai-ko events such as Blog parties or large Karaoke Calls.

Attending many UH football road games, he is the central figure and rallying point for all Tsai-kos and get-togethers.


Long Time UH Fan
Bonafide Tsai-ko

Frederick M. H. Pang

October 27, 1937 – January 10, 2010

Bonafide Tsai-ko

 Theodore Domay

February 25, 1947 – July 21, 2010
Ted Domay

rasu begasu

Bonafide Tsai-ko

 John R. Collins, Sr.

December 24, 1959 – December 5, 2011

a.k.a. las vegas, maryann(e), fulavit

John Collins


Gary D. Holden

March 1, 1952 – June 8, 2013

Curveball with Watermelon tray

Calvin from Kona

   Calvin Lum Won, Jr.

January 14, 1971 – November 0x, 2013
Calvin from Kona

Art Misemer

  Co-owner & Manager of Club Genji
Home and origin of Tsai-ko Karaoke

February 25, 1946 – February 23, 2015

Art Mismer singing

Bonafide Tsai-ko

Gerard Damian Kahiapookalani Lee Loy, Esq.

September 10, 1947 – May 1, 2015

Gerard Lee Loy

K. Mark Takai
Bonafide Tsai-ko

July 1, 1967 – July 20, 2016

U.S. House of Representatives
Lt. Col. Hawaii Army National Guard

photo of Mark Takai

Annoddah Dave
Bonafide Tsai-ko

David Yanigahara

September 30, 1945 – October 20, 2017

Dave Yanigahara


Donald W. P. Patton

August 29, 1944 – August 25, 2018

photo of Pomai


George Burton Furtado

October 3, 1946 – September 29, 2019

Bonafide Tsai-ko

  Robert Kaleimomi Kekaula

xx nn, 1965 – June 19, 2021

a.k.a.  guava (suspected)
Robert Kekaula


Bonafide Tsai-ko

  Mavis Yasuko (Asari) Kim

July 13, 1939 – January 4, 2023

Bonafide Tsai-ko

  Alan Kimura

July 2, 1949 – February 4, 2024

2006 Founding Tsai-ko

Alan Kimura

Updated:  February 07, 2024

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