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Countdown to Spring Football Practice...

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Tsai-ko Events Calendar

Note: only events announced on the blog by the host/organizer of the event
(or otherwise known open to the general public) are listed here)

NaKoa Annual Golf Tournament -- Tue, April 11, 2017
23rd Annual Ed Wong Memorial Golf Tournament

Hawaii Prince Golf Course

Contact NaKoa at (808) 956-4513

Favorite Football Sites

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Tsai-ko Notes

  Spring Football Practice
  from Monday, February 20 - Friday, March 24, 2017.  Practices open to the public.

  Basebow season  starts Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 at 6:35 pm at Les Murakami stadium.

To do:

Pomai, Kazz, Ralph, and sj-macro have revitalized the UH Wahine Softball Booster ClubClick here for more info and to join.

  Support the UH Wahine Softball Booster Club efforts to raise funds by printing custom T-shirts for sale at the games.  Need to purchase the printing equipment via an indiegogo account,  Contribute at:

  Direct donations to UH Wahine Softball can be made via the UH Foundation account for softball.

2017 Football Schedule

Aug. 26   at UMass -- 
Sep. 02  Western Carolina  -- 1800 HST
Sep. 09   at UCLA  --
Nov. 26  BYU

Colorado State
Fresno State
San Diego State
San Jose State

at Nevada
at Wyoming
at Utah State

SteveM's Musing

Tsai-ko Trivia

Most posts (%) by Blogger in one day when total comments over 100

   UHfan808  48.9%
   Sept. 05, 2015  (67/137 comments)

Record number of posts per day
  1. 2,258 - June 6, 2010 (Last day of the Warrior Beat blog on the Honolulu Advertiser server).  However, if the midnight cutoff is used, 1,475 (by J).
  2. 1,702 - October 09, 2010  (UH-Fresno game day by UHfan808). Record count ends at 1702 because of new blog entry.
  3. 1,202 - December 30, 2008  (whitey's Mauna Kea  challenge)
  4. 1,175 - January 4, 2008  (JJ to SMU)
  5. 1,087 - August 24, 2008 (Prideperiod's haircut challenge, blog strike eve)
  6. 1,011 - September 8, 2007 (Bio day of Da Punchbowl Kid)
2,100th Poster:  jm2375 (6/6/10)
2,000th Poster:  Addahknowjoe (6/6/10)
1,800th Poster:  haka (6/6/10)

1,700th Poster:
  d1島 (6/6/10)
  99club (10/9/10)

1,600th Posters:
  99club (6/6/10)
  808ike (10/9/10)

1,500th Posters:
  Esme (6/6/10)
  Michigan Warrior (10/9/10)

1,475th Poster:  (6/6/10 - midnight)
1,400th Posters:
  UHfan808 (10/9/10

1,300th Posters:
  sj-macro  (6/6/10)
  pride. (10/9/10)

1,200th Posters:
  brew808  (12/30/08)
  J  (6/6/10)
  Steve  (10/9/10)

1,100th Posters:
   brew808  (12/30/08)
   99club (1/04/08)
   J  (6/6/10)
  Hawaiianbod  (10/9/10)

1,000th Posters:
  Diesel  (9/18/07)
  d1shima (1/04/08)
  JGM (8/24/08)
  SteveM (12/30/08)
  Mei Ling (slugger)  (6/6/10)
  Steve  (10/9/10)

900th Posters:
  ?  (9/18/07)
  Jason (1/04/08)
  Stretch (8/24/08)
  99club (12/30/08)
  Esme  (6/6/10)
  Tom Mui  (9/11/10)
  Da Punchbowl Kid  (10/9/10)

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